HomeBenefitsPlus rewards you with a 25% rebate on Real Estate commissions when buying or selling your home, saving you thousands of dollars.

EXAMPLE: You are buying a $300,000 home using a Realtor® referred by HomeBenefitsPlus. The commission paid to the agent representing you would typically be $9,000.00 - you would receive a rebate of $2,250.00.

EXAMPLE: HomeBenefitsPlus refers a Realtor® to you to handle the sale of your current $250,000 home. The commission paid to the agent who represents you would typically be paid $7,500 - you would receive a 25% rebate of $1,875.00.

If you both bought and sold, using these examples, you could receive a total savings of $4,125.00. These examples are based on brokerage commission of 3% of the buying or selling price.


  1. Call HomeBenefitsPlus @ (888) 603-9563 or contact us
  2. Tell us how you heard about the program
  3. You will be personally contacted by one of our HomeBenefitsPlus Counselors who will refer you to a specially trained real estate agent.
  4. When the transaction is complete, you will receive a 25% rebate on the selling or listing side of the real estate commissions*.

To take advantage of the program, you must call HomeBenefitsPlus before contacting an agent directly. No rebate is available if you work with an agent directly.

Rebates are subject to state and federal law. The following states currently prohibit rebates: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee. Rebates are subject to lender approval. Void where prohibited.

*The amount and manner of the rebate (whether credit in escrow or check after closing) is determined by the mortgage lender. If the rebate is paid by check, it will be paid within four weeks of closing.